Orion Studio 8.5 for Windows 10


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Orion 8.5 is a fully featured virtual music studio, which is characterized by: mixer reflects a real mixing console, sequencer innovative, high-quality instruments and effects, and much more. Since 2000 he has become the main software used by Thousands of developers with varying levels of experience. Orion is available under the operating system Windows 32bit and 64bit - works with all types of MIDI devices, ASIO, serving at the same time any number of input and output channels. The basic elements of the program are: Arranger track Pattern sequencer mode, supplemented by mixing console master section, a number of built-in instruments and effects, and the editor runs virtually every parameter. Song arranger is one of the most important elements of a virtual music studio. At this point, the song is combined into a coherent whole. This process takes place in the studio Orion through the organization of sequencer patterns. Each synthesizer has its own set of 64 patterns of individual notes and automation editor. Orion freely record music and automation parameters of one or more MIDI sources simultaneously. Mixing console in Orion contains all the necessary elements in a professional studio: volume, high-quality EQ, Pan, Mute control channel LED indicators volume levels and channels of effects send / insert, but if it turns out that the mixing console is not enough, then reveals Mastering is the final section, the eight additional groups of channels, effects send additional tracks, and eventually the primary path. 11 professional tools provides unlimited possibilities to create new and unique sounds. Available instruments are the generators of the synthesis of a variety of models, such as Subtractive, VA, Sampling, Wavetable, and Physical Modeling. And 42 high-quality effects, the processors belonging to each of the main categories, such as dynamics, delay, and reverb - are ready to be used in each composition. Orion freely change records from external MIDI (or mouse movements) for virtually every parameter instrument, effect or plug (in real time). Edit or improve the recorded changes is available through a graphical event editor with which you can simply hand-draw parameter change for the song or pattern. Other editing tools include: Templates and clustering of projects, individual for each instrument arpeggiator / Shuffle Tools "Groove Templates", "Templates Pluck", support for VST and DX.